C2C Training


Questions: You may contact the training team coordinators at C2CTrainings@orangedems.com

A Precinct is organized and remains organized provided that, at a minimum, an annual or organizing precinct meeting is held each year at which:

1. There is in attendance a quorum of registered Democrats who reside in the precinct;

2. The meeting was convened with notice in advance;

3. The required order of business for election of officers and delegates and for other business is completed at this meeting. And;

4. The precinct chair certifies to the county chair in writing the names of those in attendance, the names of officers and delegates elected, and the names, address, occupation and employer of the contributors. 

Precinct Officers.

The precinct committee shall have as officers a chair, a vice chair, a secretary/treasurer, no less than two (2) committee members and any others as the body might desire.

The vice chair should where possible be of the opposite gender of the chair and should, where possible, be of a race other than that of the chair.

No officers of the precinct committee shall be from the same immediate family residing in the same household.

Officers on odd numbered years are elected for two years.

Chair. The duties of the precinct chair shall include:

1. Preside at precinct meetings;

2. Certify annual precinct meetings, organizational meetings and meetings to fill vacancies and precinct reports to the county chair within five (5) days of the meeting.

3. Establish reasonable political goals for the precinct;

4. Organize and execute a voter organizing plan;

5. Attend meetings of the county executive committee as a voting member;

6. Recommend to the county chair names of persons to serve as precinct elections officials and on the County Board of Elections;

7. Keep precinct officers and members informed of all Democratic Party events and activities; 

Vice Chair. The duties of the precinct vice chair shall include:

1. Preside at precinct meeting in the absence of the chair;

2. Serve as the publicity chair for the precinct utilizing local newspapers, door-todoor leaflets, etc. to announce political activities and/or accomplishments to voters in the precinct;

3. Attend meetings of the County Executive Committee as a voting member.