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SOS: Help Session

 How to Plan, Prepare and Conduct Your Precinct Annual Meeting

Date: Sunday, January 20, 2019
Time: 2-3 PM
 Zoom webinar requiring internet/phone access


Objective: Given the upcoming February 2-18, 2019 NCDP Precinct Organization Period, we will look at different ways to conduct a successful annual precinct meeting.


Audience: First-time precinct leaders, precinct volunteers, and county leaders from around North Carolina's Democratic Party; focus will be on how to get started on the Annual Precinct Meeting for leaders in dormant, newly formed, or challenging precincts.

Format: Interactive session led by trainers with extensive experience in organizing precincts and annual meetings; suggestions for how to advertise, recruit your team, set an agenda, increase attendance, have some fun, and fulfill the NCDP requirements for Annual Precinct Meetings. After some introductory ideas, we would invite questions from attendees and share strategies.


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Webinar: The live broadcast of this session will be online via ZOOM.  You must register several days before the date of the webinar and submit your E-mail address, name, phone number, county and role in the local Democratic Party.  You should receive an E-mail a few days before Jan 20, with a link to connect online to the live presentation. We recommend that you allow at least 10 minutes before 2 PM to click on the link and establish your connection to the Zoom webinar.  It is possible to connect by phone, and for groups to participate using a shared internet connection.

Related Webinar:  Precinct Organizing, a recorded webinar is available here This webinar covers extensive suggestions for activities and responsibilities of precinct leaders, as well as ideas for the annual precinct meeting.

Future Webinars Planned for 2019: Once you are registered for any C2C webinar, you should receive electronic notice and announcements of other sessions on topics related to Democratic Party election-related activities such as canvassing, phone banking, poll greeting, voter registration, precinct organization, volunteer recruitment, as well as special topics to be determined.

Questions: You may contact the training team coordinators atC2CTrainings@orangedems.com

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Julie, Andrea and Jenny, Coordinators