Candidates for
Orange County Register of Deeds

Mark H. Chilton
Candidate for OC Register of Deeds

Having served 8 years as Register of Deeds and worked as a real estate attorney for 17 years before that. I am highly knowledgeable about all the kinds of documents which come through this office. Over the last 8 years, through retirements, I have trimmed the staff by 15%. Our new software system has allowed us to handle a 75% increase in transactions with a smaller staff. As a result, we have increased our net revenues returned to Orange County by 150% – all while expanding services, like US Passports, simplified small business filings, and Fraud Alert. In my next term, I will implement a further software upgrade which will eliminate 100,000 pages per year of unnecessary printing, and make birth and death certificate handling even faster by electronic transmission.”


Penny Rich
Candidate for OC Register of Deeds

I am honored to have served in local leadership, including: OWASA Board of Directors, Chapel Hill Town Council, Orange County Board of Commissioners, Chair (2018-2020). My experience in local government has been deeply fulfilling, as I worked with my colleagues to make this community welcoming for all. I am running for Register of Deeds to continue to improve government services for our residents. I have a plan.