Canvass For NC

As we continue to monitor election results both nationally and in North Carolina, we are hopeful. Here in NC, we need your help to translate that hope into results in the final count that is happening now through November 12.

Join a Canvass

Help bring home victory for Justice Beasley, protect AG Stein’s vote lead from a recount, and possibly help flip some seats in the NCGA

Why is canvassing happening now?

A number of races in North Carolina sit on a knife’s edge. These races can swing either way as outstanding ballots are counted, including not-yet-delivered vote-by-mail (“absentee”) ballots, absentee ballots with issues awaiting a “cure” from the voter, and provisional ballots that require action from the voter to be counted.

Chief Justice Cheri Beasley currently trails her challenger by a mere 3,742 votes.

AG Stein leads by 10,769 votes. We have a number of NCGA races that are extremely close. And while it’s a long shot, we can do everything in our power to narrow Joe Biden’s gap of 76,701 votes in North Carolina.

Many of you have already given so much of yourselves, so we know this is a tall ask, but your help is needed to get Justice Beasley over the finish line and protect AG Stein.

Fight for NC/NCDP has launched door-to-door canvasses

to cure absentee ballots and ensure voters take required action on their provisional ballots. Register now, then get up to speed on details of NC’s outstanding ballot count below.

Status of NC’s Outstanding Ballot Count

Vote by mail (absentee) ballots yet to be returned

On Saturday, Nov. 7 the NC State Board of Elections (SBE) reported that there are 95,000 Vote by Mail (absentee) ballots that people requested that have not yet been returned. Some of these ballots are in the mail and will be counted if postmarked by Nov. 3 and received before the Nov. 12 deadline . Some of the people who requested ballots may have simply not voted. Some of the people who requested ballots may have ended up voting in person on Election Day.

Vote by mail (absentee) ballots that need to be “cured”

It is estimated that there are 15,000 absentee ballots requiring voter action in order to be counted. This is one of the targets of canvassing–to directly assist voters in getting their absentee ballots fixed.

Provisional ballots yet to be counted

On Friday, Nov. 6, the SBE reported there are 40,766 provisional ballots, many of which will require voter action to be counted. This is the second, larger target of canvassing.

Timeline of what’s next for the vote count

Thursday, November 12 at 5 pm

Deadline across NC to receive outstanding Vote by Mail (absentee) ballots at local Boards of Elections.

Thursday, November 12 at 5 pm

The Orange County Board of Elections will meet to tabulate all outstanding ballots. This includes absentee ballots received after 5 pm on November 2, cured absentee ballots, and accepted provisional ballots.

Friday, November 13 at 11 am

OC BOE meeting to add all accepted ballots to the final tally to be “certified at canvass”. At this point, candidates may mount recount challenges.

Tuesday, November 24

NC SBE meets to certify the Presidential election.

Let’s go an extra mile together to help our candidates get over the finish line.

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