Photo of David Parker

David Parker

County Party Attorney

I identified early as a progressive Democrat, and in fact the earliest political engagement I can remember is trying to convince my neighbor that Richardson Pryor would make a better Governor than Dan K. Moore. I was 6. My siblings and I were lucky to be raised by parents who brought conscience and compassion to their social and political beliefs. They didn’t always agree, and I can remember pretty heated dinner-table discussions about the Vietnam War (she was opposed earlier), or Eugene McCarthy v. Hubert Humphrey (he supported Humphrey.) But they were in total agreement in one respect: the Democratic Party was there for all of us, not some of us. I’ve kicked the tires on that belief over the years and have to say that though we sometimes fall short of the mark, it has remained, for me, the fundamental principle that informs Democratic Party policies. And I’ve never found a better way of explaining why I’m passionate about electing Democratic leaders than to say that the Democrats are here to work for a better life for all of us, not just for some of us.