Candidates for
Orange County School Board

Will Atherton
Candidate for OC School Board

I will focus on improving the academic success of our students and creating more opportunities for extracurricular activities; This requires a diverse working environment of teachers and staff that we must attract, retain, recognize, and support in a safe school environment.  I will continue to be active in our schools and in student activities. I will continue to listen to concerns from students, families, teachers, staff, and community. Thank you for your vote and support.

Anne Purcell
Candidate for OC School Board

As a candidate running for a position on the Orange County School Board, I want to see a Board of Education that: WORKS together, LISTENS and ENGAGES parents by giving them the opportunity to voice their concerns, CARES about our teachers, teacher assistants, principals and all school personnel, and is not afraid to be the catalyst for necessary CHANGE, all while putting Orange County students and their education FIRST.

Andre Richmond
Candidate for OC School Board

I am a proud product of the Orange County School system, bringing over 12 years of experience working with our youth as a school resource officer. I see the greatness our schools have within them, but there is a need for change and improvement. We can bring about that change together by focusing on Expanded Community Engagement, Embracing Diversity, and Safety & Security. I want to be the voice for all as we work together to give our children the hope for the future they deserve!

Sarah Smylie
Candidate for OC School Board

I’m an OCS parent, former teacher, and education non-profit leader running for re-election to build our momentum towards excellent, equitable, and inclusive schools. We need a board that’s deeply committed to these values. My focus is on making OCS a place where:
1) Every student gets what they need to succeed academically and thrive personally
2) Every teacher and staff member experiences a supportive, collaborative workplace
3) Every family is embraced as a partner

Ashley Wheeler
Candidate for OC School Board

I am an ER nurse, where I serve our community’s most crucial needs for compassion, advocacy, & support. I seek to continue this service on the OCS Board of Education. Now is the time to foster & protect the district, to maintain the focus on equity, while striving for continued growth in student excellence.