What We Stand For

Democrats from Orange County and across North Carolina share values that define who we are and what we stand for.
We fight to ensure that everyone in our communities has a fair shot at a good life, regardless of their backgrounds, where they’re from, what they’re worth, or who they love.

We stand in solidarity with all those engaged in anti-racist direct action precipitated by racial violence and inequity. We reaffirm our commitment to building a strong, dynamic, pluralistic Democratic community across this county and across the state that centers Black civic leadership and leadership of color.

Statement on Racial Justice, June 2020

We believe in strengthening our democracy by having fair, competitive districts. We should maximize the opportunities for all eligible voters to register to vote and cast their ballots.

We support that all people should have access to the full range of reproductive health care options, including but not limited to contraception and abortion.

We support statewide, county, and municipal initiatives for equitable and affordable access to broadband in North Carolina regardless of zip code. We support bringing broadband to underserved areas and address the issues with the “last mile.” We consider broadband to be a utility like electricity and should be broadly available to all communities across North Carolina.

We stand against hate and political violence directed toward transgender and LGBQIA+ Americans; we stand against discrimination and “othering” in all its forms, including within our own party.

We elevate and honor the leadership of our transgender and LGBQIA+ community here in North Carolina in fighting pitched battles for all of us who believe that everyone should have the right to thrive and live free of fear.

Statement on Transgender Rights, July 2020

Providing a world-class public education to every child in North Carolina should be our top priority. We must pay our teachers enough to attract the best and brightest to our schools and ensure that our well-trained veteran teachers do not leave the state. We must also give our teachers the support they need to help our children succeed in the classroom. Our public school system — from kindergarten through the University of North Carolina system — is our greatest resource, and we support making public education a priority.

We support building a strong economy that works for everyone in the state, not just those at the top. Every worker should be paid a fair wage. Rather than passing regressive sales tax hikes or tax cuts that primarily benefit the wealthy, we support working toward tax relief for the middle class and small businesses. We support affordable housing, mass transit, and other programs that strengthen lower- and middle-income households.

Everyone in North Carolina should be able to breathe clean air and drink clean water. We support cleaning up coal ash ponds, and we believe that the people who made the mess should pay for its clean up. Corporate polluters should be held accountable for their actions. We oppose the corporate cronyism that allows polluters to make environmental rules and believe the Republican-led General Assembly should answer to our citizens instead of their corporate donors. One of the things that makes North Carolina great is our abundance of livable communities and vibrant wildlife, and we will fight to protect our state’s environment.

As Democrats, we believe in equal opportunity and nondiscrimination. We must work together to create a state where no one is discriminated against for reasons of race, sex, religion, age, national origin, sexual preference, or gender identity. Everyone should receive equal pay for equal work and be able to work in a safe environment.

Affordable and accessible health care is a basic human need essential to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We support a national healthcare system that provides comprehensive coverage of primary and secondary health care and all other services needed for people to get healthy and stay healthy. We support a system that does not deny care due to preexisting conditions, provides for portability of healthcare coverage, and controls costs. We also recognize that good health insurance coverage is not the only factor that enables and promotes good health and health care, and we support programs that promote education of primary-care providers to ensure their availability in underserved areas.

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