Orange County Officers

Party Leaders

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Jonah Garson
Jonah GarsonChair
Phyllis Portie-Ascott
Phyllis Portie-AscottFirst Vice Chair
Cassie Rice
Cassie RiceActing Second Vice Chair
Diana Robinson
Diana RobinsonThird Vice Chair
Lamar Proctor Jr.
Lamar Proctor Jr.Fourth Vice Chair
Carole Labrum
Carole LabrumSecretary
Kirsten Stacey-Bothwell
Kirsten Stacey-BothwellTreasurer
Deniese Chaney
Deniese ChaneyAssistant Treasurer/Special Projects
David Parker
David ParkerCounty Party Attorney
Elizabeth Welsby
Elizabeth WelsbyVoter Registration Chair
Nina Morley Daye
Nina Morley DayeNeighbor-to-Neighbor Rural Organizing Chair
Nan Nixon
Nan NixonCo-Chair, County-to-County Campaign
Laura Baxley
Laura BaxleyCo-Chair, County-to-County Campaign

State Executive Committee Members

Congressman David Price, ex-officio

Matt Hughes, ex-officio (NCDP 2nd Vice Chair)

Marilyn Carter, ex-officio (NCDP Executive Council)

Eliazar Posada

Renée Price

John Ferguson

Kevin Foy

Jonah Garson

Phyllis Portie-Ascott

Heiderose Kober

Thomas Link

Rebecca Cerese

Tai Huynh

Legislative Executive Committee Members

State Senatorial Executive Committee
District 23

Nan Nixon, Estes Hills
Ken Woods, Cheeks

State House of Representatives District Executive Committee
District 50

John Ferguson, St. Marys
Cathy Vinski, Hillsborough

State House of Representatives District Executive Committee
District 56

Composed of members of the County Executive Committee residing in District 56

Prosecutorial District Executive Committee
District 15B

Allen Buansi, Dogwood Acres
M. Lynette Hartsell, Cedar Grove

Women Leaders