Precinct Officers

Precincts are the building blocks of our Democratic Party.
Your neighborhood-based precinct team does the grassroots work
of connecting neighbors to information and action.

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Use the maps below to find your precinct.

Precinct Map – Orange County
Precinct Map – Chapel Hill/Carrboro

Merger of Battle Park and East Franklin, January 2020

Co-Chair: Charles Coble (ccoble2@gmail.com, 919-942-9184)
Co-Chair: Melissa McCullough (melissamccnc@gmail.com, 919-357-0333)
Co-Vice Chair: Christianna Williams (christianna.s.williams@gmail.com, 919-918-7198)
Co-Vice Chair: Anne Gordon (gordon.anne@gmail.com, 773-895-1609)
Secretary/Tr: Susan Moffatt (smoffatt@nc.rr.com, 919-933-7218)

Caldwell Precinct

Chair Vicki Hill

Vice Chair Earl McKee

 Sec/Treas Norma and Dick White


Cameron Park Precinct

Chair Nina Daye

Vice Chair Shannon Nichols

Sec/Treas Janie Morris

Sec/Treas Mary Wiley


Merger of Booker Creek and Cedar Falls, January 2020

Co-Chair: Woody Setzer (woody.setzer@gmail.com, 919-357-5739)
Co-Chair: Camille Berry (camille.2berry@gmail.com, 919-932-0882)
Vice Chair: Jane Brown (janedbrown@icloud.com, 919-612-0082)
Vice Chair: Margaret Samuels (msamuels8@hotmail.com, 919-699-4400)
Secretary/Tr: Richard Jaffe (quandao9426@gmail.com, 919-942-7356)

Chair: Ed Tiryakian (scotus27@gmail.com, 919-452-9092)
Vice Chair: Earl McKee (mckeeagri@yahoo.com)

Carr Precinct

Chair Neal Boswell

Vice Chair Dean Parker Bradsher

Vice Chair Melodia Bradsher

Vice Chair Hollin Copeland

Vice Chair Joseph Thompson

Sec/Treas Ginger Boswell


Chair:   Nina Morley Daye (ninadaye@gmail.com)
Vice Chair: Shannon Nichols (shangray2@yahoo.com, 847-971-8048)

Carrboro Precinct

Chair Eric Chen

Chair Karl Straus

Vice Chair Zannie Gunn

Sec/Treas Lucy Gorham


Chair: Neal Boswell (nealboswell@aol.com, 912-223-3377)
Vice Chair: Ginger Boswell (gingerboswell@bellsouth.net)

Cedar Falls Precinct

Chair Sherene Min

Vice Chair Richard Jaffe

Sec/Treas Carolyn Schwartz


Cedar Grove Precinct

Chair Vivian Herndon Latta

Vice Chair Lynette Marsha Hartsell

Sec/Treas Pamela Schwingl


Chair: Hank Straus (hankwick@nc.rr.com, 919-942-7518)
Vice Chair: Vicki Boyer (viva.boyer@gmail.com, 919-612-7079)

Chair: Vivian Herndon-Latta (lewlt8@aol.com, 919-732-7289)
Vice Chair: Lynette Hartsell (mlhartsell@gmail.com, 919-732-1277)
Secretary/Tr: Lisa Murad (lisadmurad@gmail.com, 919-448-5446)

Coker Hills Precinct

Chair Julia Lawrence

Chair Betsy Burke

Vice Chair Carol Burke

Vice Chair Dwight Rogers

Sec/Treas Julie Warwick


Cheeks Precinct

Chair Kenneth Woods

Vice Chair Deniese Chaney

Vice Chair Anthony Wikrent

Sec/Treas John Fischer


Chair: Ken Woods (kwoods6@centurytel.net, 336-263-1097)
Vice Chair: Tony Wikrent (2nbbooks@gmail.com, 571-233-7911)
Secretary/Tr: John Fischer (jmfischer@mebtel.net, 919-563-8544)

Chair: Julia Lawrence (jhl1908@gmail.com, 336-354-5852)
Vice Chair: Betsy Burke (betsyeburke@gmail.com, 703-798-6105)
Secretary/Tr: Dwight Rogers (dlrogers@email.unc.edu, 919-929-6218)

Colonial Heights Precinct

Chair Sarah O’Brien

Vice Chair Christian Dejesus

Sec/Treas Alex De Saint Phalle


Coles Store Precinct

Chair Ivy Barger

Vice Chair Beth Gerall

Sec/Treas Susan Attermeier


Chair:   Ivy Barger (ivy.barger@gmail.com, 919-451-1625)
Vice Chair: Beth Gerall (bethgerall@gmail.com, 919-593-4326)

Chair: Sarah O’Brien (sdo.colonialheights@gmail.com, 919-444-2195)
Secretary/Tr: Alex De Saint Phalle (alex@lprpc.com, 919-764-4683)

New precinct formed from merger of Country Club, Greenwood, Mason Farm and portion of East Franklin, January 2020

Co-Chair: Miriam Rabkin (UNCPDems@gmail.com)
Co-Chair: Raymond Starn (UNCPDems@gmail.com)
Vice Chair: Maureen Corbett
Vice Chair: Thomas Hardy
Vice Chair: Max Lewin
Secretary/Tr: Angela Clemmons-Roberts

New precinct formed from merger of Country Club, Greenwood, Mason Farm and portion of East Franklin, January 2020

Co-Chair: Miriam Rabkin (UNCPDems@gmail.com)
Co-Chair: Raymond Starn (UNCPDems@gmail.com)
Vice Chair: Maureen Corbett
Vice Chair: Thomas Hardy
Vice Chair: Max Lewin
Secretary/Tr: Angela Clemmons-Roberts

Dogwood Acres Precinct

Chair Carole Labrum

Vice Chair Joy Blevins

Vice Chair Tiffany Langino


Damascus Precinct

Chair Margaret Burchinal

Vice Chair Rose Etheridge

Vice Chair Olivia Ludington

Sec/Treas Richard Ludington


Chair: Peg Burchinal (mr8789@gmail.com, 919-260-2765)
Co-Vice Chair: Rose Marie Etheridge (rmetheridge60@gmail.com)
Co-Vice Chair: Olivia Ludington (olivialudington@gmail.com, 919-619-7961)
Secretary/Tr: Anna Waller (wallermarshall1@gmail.com, 919-918-7567)

Efland Precinct

Chair Charles Burnham

Vice Chair Lamar Proctor

Sec/Treas Daphne Quinn


Chair:  Carole Labrum (carolelabrum4daocdp@gmail.com, 609-374-6267)
Vice Chair:  Tiffany Langino (tiffany.langino@gmail.com, 561-676-6866)

Eastside Precinct

Chair Peggy Duhamel

Chair Matthew Van Jura


Chair: Steve Mullinix (steve4eastside@gmail.com, 919-270-3686)
Vice Chair: Laura Raffield (lmtonks@gmail.com, 919-257-9426)
Secretary/Tr: Susan Talbott (suhutchison@gmail.com, 919-968-1879)

Estes Hills Precinct

Chair Mohan Chilukuri

Chair Joan Holland

Vice Chair Lexie Grove

Vice Chair Oliver Levine

Sec/Treas Patti Holland

Sec/Treas Janet Zelman


Chair:  Charles Burnham (charles_burnham@msn.com, 919-644-1620)
Vice Chair:  Allen Johnson (allenjohns@aol.com, 919-245-0492)

East Franklin Precinct

Chair, Charles Coble

Chair, Melissa McCullough


Eno Precinct

Chair Thomas Link

Vice Chair Hart Harry Edmonds

Sec/Treas Lauren Bennett


Chair: Tom Link (link.thom@gmail.com, 919-672-7891)
Vice Chair: Kim Piracci (piraccik@gmail.com, 919-260-3686)
Secretary/Tr: Lauren Bennett (lerickson12@gmail.com, 919-818-2638)

Co-Chair: Joan Holland (jholl708@aol.com, 919-260-9397)
Co-Chair: Mohan Chilukuri (mchil@mac.com, 919-967-1622)
Co-Vice Chair: Buffie Webber (buffie.webber@gmail.com, 919-428-3218)
Co-Vice Chair: David Pier (davepierunc@gmail.com, 347-526-1539)
Co-Secretary/Tr: Patricia Holland (pholl126@gmail.com, 919-260-9398)
Co-Secretary/Tr: Janet Zelman (janzelman1@gmail.com, 919-929-9806)

Glenwood Precinct

Chair Andrew Havens

Vice Chair Katrina Schwartz

Sec/Treas Geoff Green


Chair:  Andrew Havens (ahavens134@gmail.com, 614-565-4328)
Vice-Chair:  Katrina Schwartz (katrina.z.s.schwartz@gmail.com, 352-327-0251)

Grady Brown Precinct

Chair Joseph Becker

Vice Chair Beth Braxton

Vice Chair Ken Krebs


Chair: Ron Cooley (roncooley@cooleylaw.com, 919-732-4104)
Vice Chair: Kathleen Harper (harper.kathleen@gmail.com, 919-323-6806)
Secretary/Tr: Joseph Becker (jbecker405@gmail.com, 919-599-4431)

Hillsborough Precinct

Chair Cathy Vinski

Vice Chair Rachel Royce

Vice Chair Jerry Jerome Vinski

Sec/Treas Marguerite Most


Chair: Cathy Vinski (cvinski@yahoo.com, 908-270-4550)
Vice Chair: Jerry Vinski (jmvinski@gmail.com, 908-938-6825)
Secretary/Tr: Marguerite Most (marguerite.most@gmail.com, 617-899-3168)

Hillsborough East Precinct

Chair Millie Hunter

Vice Chair Vincent Credle

Sec/Treas Ann Kenney


New Precinct, January 2020

Chair: Mildred Hunter (mhunter1130mh@gmail.com, 919-384-5979)
Vice Chair: Renee Price (reneeprice2012@gmail.com, 919-593-1904)
Secretary/Tr: Frank Hunter (transohs@embarqmail.com, 919-384-5748)

Hogan Farms Precinct

Chair Anne Wander

Precinct Vice Chair Cheryl Madeline Mitchell

Precinct Sec/Treas Rocco Cocco


Chair: Kathy Kaufman (kknarotsky@yahoo.com, 919-933-5257)
Vice Chair: Amy Jeroloman (ajeroloman@nc.rr.com, 919-960-6099)
Secretary/Tr: Rocco Cocco (racoccojr@gmail.com, 845-464-2072)

Kings Mill Precinct

Chair Bonnie Bevan

Chair Karen Macklin

Sec/Treas Carol Conway

Vice Chair Nancy Garson-Angert


Chair: Doug Longman (douglasslongman, 919-969-8167)
Vice Chair: Loren Hintz (ldhintz@bellsouth.net, 919-933-8987)
Secretary/Tr: Marilyn Longman (mmlongman@aol.com, 919-969-8167)

Lions Club Precinct

Chair Damon Seils

Vice Chair Catherine Fray

Vice Chair Jennifer Warren

Sec/Treas Cristóbal Palmer


Chair: Damon Seils (damon.seils@gmail.com, 919-960-5931)
Vice-Chair: Robert Palermo (palermo@mac.com, 601-831-5412)
Secretary/Tr: Melody Smith (melodymarys@gmail.com, 9192414902)

North Carrboro Precinct

Chair Brian Barrick

Chair Diane Robertson

Vice Chair Karen Herpel

Vice Chair Trey Greer

Sec/Treas Andrea Nenque


Co-Chair: Diane Robertson (robertson.m.diane@gmail.com, 919-219-1600)
Co-Chair: Brian Barrick (bbarrick@aims.unc.edu, 919-923-5206)
Co-Vice Chair: Eric Roehrig (ericroehrig@gmail.com, 919-443-8561)
Co-Vice Chair: Trey Greer (greer@treytronics.org, 919-360-2725)
Secretary/Tr: Andrea Nenque (andrealorenz@gmail.com, 512-567-5949)

Northside Precinct

Chair Jim Bartow

Chair Emily Greaves


Chair: Jim Bartow (northsidechair@gmail.com, 919-932-2682)
Vice Chair: Jane Tigar (gomeztigar@yahoo.com)
Secretary/Tr: Joshua Levenson (jameslevenson@gmail.com, 360-739-9335)

Orange Grove Precinct

Chair Heiderose Kober

Sec/Treas Kasha Ely

Vice Chair Keith Houck


Co-Chair: Heiderose Kober (hkober@mebtel.net, 919-452-9342)
Co-Chair: Nora Sauers (noralsauers@gmail.com, 336-524-3123)
Vice Chair: Jesse Kaufman (aikido@nc.rr.com, 919-732-9962)
Secretary/Tr: Ann Prince (irisgentian@gmail.com, 919-929-4207)

OWASA Precinct

Chair Eliazar Posada

Sec/Treas Gary Wallach


Chair: Eliazar Posada (posadaeliazar@gmail.com, 919-438-5609)
Vice Chair: Susan Siegel (sys@claritycoaching.org, 919-929-7601)
Secretary/Tr: Maria Echart (marielechart@gmail.com)

Patterson Precinct

Chair Gloria Meares

Vice Chair Alan Cavallaro

Vice Chair Carol Kelly

Vice Chair Holly McKinney

Vice Chair Judith Snyderman

Vice Chair Stephanie Vandergrift


Chair:  Gloria Meares (gloriameares@gmail.com, 919-618-8016)
Co-Vice Chair:  Judith Snyderman (jsnyart@hotmail.com, 919-932-1837)
Co-Vice Chair:  Carol Kelly (ckellyco@msn.com, 919-360-0455)
Co-Vice Chair:  Holly McKinney (holly2523@mindspring.com, 919-309-7910)
Co-Vice Chair:  Thomas Sowers (tsowers@gmail.com, 919-590-9069)
Co-Vice Chair:  Stephanie Vandergrift (sbakerbaum@hotmail.com, 984-219-2747)

Ridgefield Precinct

Chair Ruth Proctor

Chair Grace Kirchgessner

Vice Chair Carol Miller


Chair:  James Bartow (jmsbartow@gmail.com, 919-360-1374)
Vice Chair:  Kym Hunter (kymhunter@gmail.com)

Rogers-Eubanks Precinct

Chair Robin Campbell

Chair Michael Fath

Vice Chair Riza Jenkins

Vice Chair Caryn Zoffer

Sec/Treas Amy Glekas

Caroline Chen


New Precinct, January 2020

Co-Chair: Robin Campbell (rciaracampbell@gmail.com, 919-360-1374)
Co-Chair: Michael Fath (michaelfath@yahoo.com, 773-892-8836)

St John Precinct

Chair Shereese Alston

Chair Gracie Kirchgessner

Sec/Treas Perry Smith


Chair:  Gracie Kirchgessner (gracie.kirchgessner@gmail.com, 919-259-9890)
Vice Chair:  Eric Webb (ericlwebb@gmail.com, 206-240-8069)

St Marys Precinct

Chair Katherine Patel

Chair Kirsten Stacey-Bothwell

Sec/Treas Jean Ricca

Vice Chair Sharon Brown


Co-Chair: Kate Patel (katedoom@gmail.com, 606-224-3713)
Co-Chair: Kirsten Stacey-Bothwell (kirsten.bothwell@gmail.com, 510-227-9558)
Vice-Chair: Sharon Brown (spbrown40@gmail.com, 949-661-2536)
Secretary/Tr: Jean Ricca (jclricca@embarqmail.com, 919-732-7339)

Tolars Precinct

Chair Emma Beckham

Vice Chair Alton Tyre

Sec/Treas Quetta Long

Andrew Bales


Chair:  Carrie Florence (sueflorence1@gmail.com, 919-218-6745)
Vice Chair:  Hattie Vanhook (919-732-3366)

Town Hall Precinct

Chair George Kernodle

Vice Chair Jacquelyn Gist

Vice Chair Barbara Middleton-Foushee

Sec/Treas Joanna Percher


Chair: Penny Rich (pennyrich.ch@gmail.com, 919-960-0220)
Vice Chair: Lindsay Reklis (lindsaymusgrave@gmail.com, 757-270-9078)
Secretary/Tr: Caren Parker (carentparker@gmail.com, 919-886-6451)

UNC Precinct

Chair Thomas Decker

Vice Chair Angela Clemmons-Roberts

Vice Chair Maureen Corbett

Vice Chair Tom Hardy

Theodore White


Weaver Dairy Precinct

Chair Glenn Ireland

Chair Gabriel Everhart

Vice Chair Mary Olney


Co-Chair:  Gabriel Everhart (gabeve@gmail.com, 919-727-7286)
Co-Chair:  Maria Palmer (mariatpalmer@gmail.com, 919-260-4361)
Co-Vice Chair:  Mary Olney (maryolney5@gmail.com, 919-968-1005)
Co-Vice Chair:  Anne Clark (aloganclark@gmail.com, 919-260-0940)

Weaver Dairy Satellite Precinct

Chair Kathy Murray

Vice Chair William Murray

Sec/Treas Lewise Busch


Chair: Lewise Busch (lewisebusch@gmail.com, 919-918-3510)
Vice Chair: Adam Stein (adamstein37@gmail.com, 919-619-6645)
Secretary/Tr: Peg Rees (peg.rees@gmail.com, 919-918-3492)

West Hillsborough Precinct

Chair Emily Elstad

Vice Chair Morris Gurley Casper

Vice Chair Tina Hopkins

Sec/Treas Brenda Brown


Chair: Emily Elstad (emelstad@gmail.com, 401-787-7254)
Vice Chair: James Andrew Huggins (hugginsandrew1@gmail.com, 919-338-3335)
Secretary/Tr: Brenda Brown (bbrown190@nc.rr.com, 919-732-4918)

Westwood Precinct

Chair Martin Feinstein

Vice Chair George Jackson

Sec/Treas Susan Burns


Merger of Lincoln and Westwood, January 2020

Chair: Martin Feinstein (martin_feinstein@unc.edu, 919-933-3089)
Vice Chair: George Jackson (jacks004@aol.com, 919-942-0671)

White Cross Precinct

Chair Jonathan Williams

Vice Chair Mark Marcoplos

Sec/Treas Douglas Everett


Chair: Jonathan Williams (jonathan.derrick.williams@gmail.com, 336-782-6922)
Vice Chair: Mark Marcoplos (markmarcoplos@gmail.com, 919-524-6287)
Secretary/Tr: Lucy Harber (lharber@nc.rr.com, 919-428-3366)