Precincts and Officers

Precincts are the building blocks of our Democratic Party.
Your neighborhood-based precinct team does the grassroots work
of connecting neighbors to information and action.

Contact your precinct chair to connect with your home Democratic community.

To find your precinct, use the map link below or look up your voter registration information.

Caldwell (CW)

Chair: Vicki Hill
Vice Chair: Keith Glidewell
Vice Chair: Meg Millard
Vice Chair: Timothy Saintsing
Vice Chair: Julia Trimmer
Secretary/Treasurer: Kate Millard

Carr (CA)

Chair: Parker Bradsher
Secretary/Treasurer: Carmen Bradsher

Carrboro (CB)

Chair: Charles Sune
Vice Chair: David Tillery
Secretary/Treasurer: Cynthia Cowan

Cedar Falls (CF)

Chair: Elaine Maisner
Vice Chair: Patty Courtright
Vice Chair: Richard Jaffe
Secretary/Treasurer: Carolyn Schwarz

Cedar Grove (CG)

Chair: Pamela Schwingl
Vice Chair: Lisa Murad
Secretary/Treasurer: Kaitlyn Vogt

Cheeks (CX)

Chair: Ken Woods
Vice Chair: Leo Allison
Vice Chair: Deniese Chaney
Secretary/Treasurer: John Fischer

Coker Hills (CH)

Chair: TBD
Vice Chair: TBD

Coles Store (CS1)

Chair: Lynn McGee
Vice Chair: Marcia Kessinger
Secretary/Treasurer: Lynn Nilssen

Colonial Heights (CO)

Chair: Sarah O’Brien
Vice Chair: Christian Dejesus
Secretary/Treasurer: Alex De Saint Phalle

Damascus (DM)

Chair: Peg Burchinal
Vice Chair: Olivia Ludington
Secretary/Treasurer: Keith Cartwright

Dogwood Acres (DA)

Chair: Carole Labrum
Vice Chair: Sarah Turner
Secretary/Treasurer: Susana Dancy

East Franklin (EF)

Chair: Melissa McCullough
Vice Chair: Lauren Kelly

Eastside (ES)

Chair: Kevin Agabright
Vice Chair: Peggy Duhamel
Secretary/Treasurer: Kate Hanson

Efland (EF)

Chair: Charles Burnham
Vice Chair: Lamar Proctor
Secretary/Treasurer: Daphne Quinn

Eno (E)

Chair: Hart Edmonds
Vice Chair: Diana Robinson
Secretary/Treasurer: Thomas Link

Estes Hills (EH)

Co-Chair: Mohan Chilukuri
Co-Chair: Joan Holland
Vice Chair: Buffee Webber
Secretary/Treasurer: Janet Zelman

Glenwood (GL)

Chair: Sarah Brody
Vice Chair: David Brown
Vice Chair: Angela Kirby
Secretary/Treasurer: Cassie Rice

Grady Brown (GB)

Chair: Matt Hughes
Vice Chair: TBD

Hillsborough (H)

Chair: Kate Faherty
Vice Chair: Rachel Royce

Hillsborough East (HE)

Chair: Millie Hunter
Vice Chair: Laura Quinn

Hillsborough North (HN)

Chair: Nina Daye
Vice Chair: Annette Moore
Vice Chair: Phyllis Portie-Ascott
Secretary/Treasurer: Janie Morris

Hogan Farms (HF)

Chair: Anne Wander
Vice Chair: Madeline Mitchell
Secretary/Treasurer: Rocco Cocco

Kings Mill (KM)

Co-Chair: Bonnie Bevan
Co-Chair: Karen Macklin
Vice Chair: Stan Black
Secretary/Treasurer: David Parker
Secretary/Treasurer: Doug Longman

North Carrboro (NC)

Chair: Diane Robertson
Vice Chair: Linda Cohen
Secretary/Treasurer: Margot Lester

Northside (NS)

Chair: Theodore White
Vice Chair: Sloan Duvall

Orange Grove (OG)

Co-Chair: William Branch
Co-Chair: Heiderose Kober


Chair: TBD
Vice Chair: TBD
Secretary/Treasurer: Nicholas Stover

Patterson (PA)

Chair: Gloria Meares
Vice Chair: Ray Greenfield
Vice Chair: Carol Kelly
Vice Chair: Holly McKinney
Vice Chair: Kristin McNealy
Vice Chair: Georganne Sebastian
Vice Chair: Judith Snyderman
Vice Chair: Stephanie Vandergrift

Ridgefield (RF)

Co-Chair: Grace Kirchgessner
Vice Chair: Ruth Proctor

Rogers-Eubanks (RE)

Co-Chair: Michael Fath
Vice Chair: Caryn Zoffer

St. John (SJ)

Chair: Gracie Kirchgessner
Vice Chair: Shereese Alston
Secretary/Treasurer: Perry Smith

St. Marys (SM)

Chair: Sharon Brown
Vice Chair: John Ferguson

Tolars (TO)

Chair: Victoria Frisch
Vice Chair: Alton Tyre

Town Hall

Chair: Tom Munk
Vice Chair: Jim Porto
Secretary/Treasurer: Jennifer Leeman


Chair: Nathaniel Shue
Secretary/Treasurer: Deniz Erdal

Weaver Dairy (WD)

Chair: Mary Olney
Vice Chair: Glenn Ireland

Weaver Dairy Satellite (WDS)

Chair: Kathy Murray
Vice Chair: Marla Dunham
Vice Chair: Arthur Finn
Secretary/Treasurer: Helen Stein

West Hillsborough (WH)

Co-Chair: Tina Hopkins
Co-Chair: Dorothy Shanklin
Vice Chair: Jenn Sykes
Secretary/Treasurer: Brenda Brown

Westwood (WW)

Chair: Martin Feinstein
Vice Chair: George Jackson
Secretary/Treasurer: Susan Burns

White Cross (WC)

Chair: Jonathan Williams