Linda Cohen

Second Vice Chair

I am a retired publishing executive experienced in providing guidance and training materials for legal and accounting professionals. As director of Member Competency and Learning at the American Institute of Public Accounting, I was responsible for delivery of continuing education materials designed to provide learning and competency to CPAs.

I have deep experience managing teams across multiple locations, including the United Kingdom, and I was always guided by the key values of teamwork: passion for work, respectful collaboration, and clear communication. I’m an ardent supporter of the Democratic Party, and I am a member of the ACLU and NAACP. I brought my enthusiasm to protect and strengthen democracy to action by volunteering with the Orange County Democratic Party. I am a member of the OCDP Fundraising Committee, and I supported the 2022 election cycle by assisting in get-out-the-vote launches, poll greeting, and voter protection. In early 2023, I joined the OCDP leadership team as office administrative chair, and I was elected vice chair of North Carrboro Precinct.

For success in 2024, OCDP needs to drive greater engagement across all Orange County demographics. This engagement must be driven on the precinct level, and it is imperative that OCDP leadership work closely with precinct leaders to strengthen the precincts and facilitate their ability to drive voter engagement.