Michael Fath

First Vice Chair

I am a Ph.D. microbiologist, a life science business leader, and a lifelong Democrat with a passion for making a positive difference. Since moving to Chapel Hill in 2011, I have become active within our community. My experience includes OCDP Executive Committee. Resolutions Committee (2022); chair, Rogers-Eubank Precinct; Congressional District 4 Executive Committee and Credentials Committee (2022); commissioner, Orange County Human Relations Commission; member, Chapel Hill Carrboro NAACP; and Pete for America North Carolina Grass Roots Leadership Team.

The OCDP has a far-reaching impact beyond Orange County and can be a model for other counties across North Carolina. As the first vice chair, I aim to refine our action plan for the 2024 election cycle and work more closely with the NCDP and other aligned organizations such as the ACLU, NAACP, and HRC to devise a more coordinated campaign.

Effective community leaders need strong communication, organizational, and strategic thinking skills, and the ability to network, resolve conflicts, and adapt to changing circumstances. We must listen, learn, and turn ideas into action and results. My vision for the OCDP includes listening and learning from current party members and leadership. By doing so, we can understand the priorities and challenges and develop a plan that reflects our values. The upcoming 2024 elections are critical, and we must drive Democratic votes, engage with the community, and build a stronger, more inclusive party.