We Are Recruiting!

The Orange County Democratic Party is grateful to our voluteers for the time and effort they give to support and execute our work.

Events Team

The Events Team plans and brings to life events for the County Party. Our 2024 events plan will focus on voters in the community with events that inform and engage. Click here for a description of the Team’s activities. We are recruiting for: CEC Meeting Planning Committee; a Legislative Lunch Planning Committee and a Fundraising-Event Committee. Click here to sign up.

Fundraising Team

OrangeDems is dependent on the generosity of others. This team works to create fun ways to keep our party funded—this team works closely with the Events Team. Click here to sign up.

Organizing Team

OrangeDems need volunteers to help with organizing year round! The team  is essential in canvassing, engaging in the distribution of informational literature, staffing phone banks, and writing postcards. Click here to sign up.

Office Admin Team

The OrangeDems office is the first point of in-person contact for Democrats seeking information. The team communicates with the public and volunteers, supports the OrangeDems Chairs and Precinct Leaders, assists the OrangeDems Teams, manages supplies and printing,  and checks out equipment. Click here to sign up.

Voter Experience Team

Improving voter engagement is not just an election cycle activity. We engage with voters on a number of levels on a continuous basis. Come join this team and help us get out the information that helps our voters stay up-to-date on our candidates, elected officials, policies and activities. Click here to sign up.

Voter Protection Team

The Voter Protection Team ensures the voting processes are working smoothly. Poll observers report issues like: voters without Voter Photo IDs not being allowed to vote, long lines, non-functioning voting machines, access limitations for voters with disabilities and voter intimidation.