March 5, 2024 Election

List of Democratic Candidates Who Filed for Office

Information about a candidate can be obtained from their campaign website.
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Presidential Preference

North Carolina 4th Congressional District

North Carolina Council of State


Chrelle Booker
Gary Foxx
Michael R. (Mike) Morgan
Josh Stein
Marcus W. Williams

Secretary of State

State Treasurer

Commissioner of Agriculture

Commissioner of Insurance

Secretary of Labor

Superintendent of Public Education

North Carolina General Assembly

NC Senate District 23

NC House of Representatives District 50

NC House of Representatives District 56

North Carolina Supreme Court

Associate Justice, Seat 06

North Carolina Court of Appeals

Court of Appeals Judge, Seat 12

Court of Appeals Judge, Seat 14

Court of Appeals Judge, Seat 15

North Carolina District Court

District Court Judge, Seat 02

Samantha Cabe

District Court Judge, Seat 03

District Court Judge, Seat 04

Sherri Murrell

District Court Judge, Seat 05

Joal Hall Broun

Orange County Board of Commissioners


Orange County School Board