Candidates Running in the November 2022 Midterm General Election

Candidate for
US Senate

Cheri Beasley
Candidate – US Senate

My husband Curt and I raised our sons in a home steeped in faith and the belief in hard work. Those values led me to serve as a public defender, judge and Chief Justice of the NC Supreme Court where I worked to keep communities safe, uphold the law, and protect our rights. In the Senate, I will fight for NC – to lower costs, expand access to health care, good-paying jobs, and strengthen our schools.

Candidate for
US House of Representatives

Valerie P. Foushee
Candidate – District 04

As a school board member, a County Commissioner, a State Representative and Senator, I have worked to build new schools and senior centers, close the achievement gap, and address environmental racism. I have fought relentlessly for voting rights, women’s reproductive rights, clean energy, teacher pay raises, increased per pupil spending, and so much more. I now want to bring my experience, passion, faith, and my commitment to serving my fellow North Carolinians in Washington.

Candidate for
NC Senate

Graig Meyer
Candidate – District 23

Representative Graig Meyer has served in the NC House of Representatives since 2013.  A trained social worker, the theme of Meyer’s service is to listen to diverse voices, unite around common interests, and lead forward to real change.  In the Senate, Meyer will continue to fight for affordable healthcare, equitable public schools, access to good jobs, and a clean and healthy environment.  He will relentlessly pursue reproductive freedom, free and fair elections, and LGBTQ rights.

Candidates for
NC House of Representatives

Renee Price
Candidate – District 50

Currently serving as Chair of the Orange BOCC, in my tenth year as commissioner, I now am Candidate for NC House, District 50.  I have spent a lifetime advocating for humanity and justice and will continue demanding and fighting for our freedoms, rights, and democracy. Among my priorities: Basic Education, Criminal Justice Reform, Voting Rights, Right to Representation, Healthcare, Housing, Climate Justice, Broadband, Economic Development. My tagline, “We the people,” indicates my respect for Community.

Allen Buansi
Candidate – District 56

I am a civil rights lawyer and former Chapel Hill Town Council member. I spearheaded progressive policies on the Council, such as the first-ever Town Criminal Justice Debt Fund. I grew up here, and I’m a husband and a proud, working parent of three. I’ll fight for well-funded public education, climate justice and affordable healthcare. I will not rest until we realize our vision of an affordable, accessible and inclusive North Carolina for everyone.

Candidate for
District Attorney

Jeff Nieman
Candidate for District Attorney, District 15

Our community deserves a District Attorney who not only has sufficient experience, but even more importantly, has a proven track record of moving our criminal justice system in a progressive direction. I have over 17 years of experience in the criminal courts of Chatham and Orange Counties and have launched multiple initiatives in that time to reduce the criminalization of poverty, mass incarceration and the school-to-prison pipeline. Please learn about my priorities of Community, Equity and Justice at:

Candidate for
Orange County Register of Deeds

Mark H. Chilton
Candidate for OC Register of Deeds

Having served 8 years as Register of Deeds and worked as a real estate attorney for 17 years before that. I am highly knowledgeable about all the kinds of documents which come through this office. Over the last 8 years, through retirements, I have trimmed the staff by 15%. Our new software system has allowed us to handle a 75% increase in transactions with a smaller staff. As a result, we have increased our net revenues returned to Orange County by 150% – all while expanding services, like US Passports, simplified small business filings, and Fraud Alert. In my next term, I will implement a further software upgrade which will eliminate 100,000 pages per year of unnecessary printing, and make birth and death certificate handling even faster by electronic transmission.”


Candidate for
Carrboro Town Council

Eliazar Arturo Posada
Candidate for Carrboro Town Council

As a son of working class immigrants, I learned early in life that representation matters.  Because of that I have dedicated my professional and personal life to making space for everyone. I am a proud, openly gay millennial Latino who will bring a new voice to the Carrboro Town Council. I will focus on Affordable Housing, Equality for All, Equitable Public Transportation and ensure that decisions made by the council reflect the entire community.

Endorsed by the Orange County Democratic Party County Executive Committee.